PauWare is both a Java engine and an Application Programming Interface -API- for implementing and executing UML State Machine Diagrams and SCXML models.

Harel's Statecharts are used to graphically model and implement reactive software-intensive systems. UML State Machine Diagrams and SCXML models are variations of Harel's Statecharts. Further information:

Technical notes

PauWare2 has been released on Sep. 2021 based on the Java 9 module technology. Since PauWare2 has no library dependencies, its memory print is low. Beyond, PauWare2 may benefit from native compilation based on Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation. PauWare2 is then particularly, but not exclusively, appropriate and useful for the design ofInternet of Things (IoT) applications.

PauWare2 comes up with PauWare2Web. PauWare2Web is an optional tool that allows the live visualization of running state machines within a Web browser. Typically, IOT applications written with PauWare2 won't use PauWare2Web because of their (probable) embedded nature. However, at design time, requirements capture and comprehension, test, tuning… may greatly benefit from PauWare2Web.

Getting started (access, use and play with case studies below)